you can’t hurt me

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Darkness among the light

I face the fear that lives deep in my waters; That hides the demons from my nightmares

I’ve seen the dark, He has visited me and what resides in him has hurt me.

I’ve seen demons.

Approaching the sacred lands.

We know each other, we’ve met each other before

  I have recognized your intention

  I have heard my intuition

 I am a warrior

 A powerful being

 God lives within me

 I recognize my territory

 I will keep my lands safe

 I am not alone because I am infinite; I am not afraid, I trust myself

  My soul shines

  My essence is eternal

  My feet are rooted

  My third lighted eye

 I have seen you

 You have found me


  ~ I am


  ~ Shining in my superior nature

 I can feel you

  You can’t hurt me

written by the beautiful Juana Bartelsmann

Sharing is caring:

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